Eco Friendly Homes

Go green with eco-friendly homes

With the awareness of going green, many builders, architects and designers are working on the aspects of an eco-friendly home. This is promoted by the growth in technology and as a result modern building concepts are emerging that incorporates green elements in every home. These eco-friendly homes are built with installing green elements, keeping in mind about its presentability as well as the appeal that every homeowners will seek for when designing for their dream homes.

However, this green building concept has been accepted by many building sectors, but it is still not clear to the common people about constituting a green home as well as its type of structures. These type of eco-friendly homes are not only beneficial for your health but also ensures overall well being of your entire family. To top it all, an eco-friendly home can be financially viable to you.

When building a green home, only toxin free building materials are used. These materials are free from all the harmful pollutants that are generally present in a conventional dwelling. These harmful pollutants give rise to ailments like asthma, cancer and many other deadly diseases. One of the most common toxin free materials used in an eco-friendly house is Linoleum. It is made from linseed oil, jute as well as straw board that are made from wheat along with insulating material made from recycled paper or old denims and even from soybeans.

Apart from being healthy, you can also maintain the costs if you buy an eco-friendly home. It is a cheaper means than a standard home. Although the initial investments will be a bit high but in the long-run, green homes will help you to save the extra amount of money that you would probably spend on a traditional home for its renovation and other requirements. With a savings of 40% on your electricity bills and 50% on your water bill along with 40% less energy consumption on the home appliances, there is no better option you can ask for. Other than savings, an eco-friendly home is very durable than a normal dwelling that requires renovation from time to time in order to avoid damages. All these factors are making eco-friendly homes, a perfect choice for your family.

By Riya C

Do You Have an Eco Friendly Home? – Help Make Earth a Better Place to Live

Eco friendly homes are an essential step in making our planet a better place to live in. Have you tried looking around lately? Water sources are becoming scarce and pollution has quite affected climate changes all over the world. Storms and hazardous weather changes have affected a lot of communities. Can we make these problems stop and make Earth a safer place to live in?

Making your own contribution can be a good start. You can do these by making your home eco friendly. Eco friendly homes are one of the best things to do right now. There are a lot of ways that one can contribute in making protecting the earth. One can start collecting rain water. Do you know that rain water can be used for cooking and drinking? Just boil it and you can use it as potable water. Bath water can also be saved to be used in flushing the toilet or watering the plants.

By recycling your garbage you can make fertilizer out of your biodegradable wastes. You can mulch it and put on your plants. Then papers can be collected and sent to recycling plants that can make it into other products that we can again use. As for plastics, since this takes years before it can actually decompose, the best thing to do is to have it properly disposed. There are recycling plants that disposes plastics that can dispose of this material properly.

Metals can also be recycled into other materials and can be reused again. The smelting industries have refashioned metal waste into other forms to make it useful again for consumers. Glass bottles can be reused in your own home as storage containers. You can even use some wine bottles and arrange it properly to be a great decor at your home.

Then one should use free power like that of the sun. Solar power will not cost you anything and it can supply your hot water and can even heat your eco friendly homes during winter. There are now equipments that can fully utilize solar power and provide energy need for you homes.

By Veronica Colley

How to Have an Eco Friendly Home

Around the globe more and more people are working to have an eco friendly home. Natural resources are dwindling in an alarmingly large number of countries. Water supplies are drying up or becoming too polluted. Water sources are tainted with industrial waste making attention to our living conditions more important than ever. One of the best ways to protect and conserve our natural resources is by having an eco friendly home.

What You Can Do

Wherever you call home, there are a number of things you can do to make where you now live more eco friendly home. Start with recycling of water used in your home. Some ideas include recycling water from showers and clothes washing to flush toilets and water lawns. Collect rain water as a source of water used in your home. Rainwater, when filtered and boiled, can be used for cooking and drinking in many areas which are not heavily polluted by industry. Other suggestions for a more eco friendly home are to recycle all waste or garbage that you produce. Separate your trash into organic, glass, metal, paper and plastic. Then each type of trash can be disposed of in appropriate ways to minimize pollution.

Recycle Your Waste

In an eco friendly home after separating your trash, it could be recycled or disposed of in a number of environmentally friendly ways. Organic waste could be recycled as compost for lawns and gardens. Lawn and garden waste like leaves, clippings and trimmings can be composted and used as fertilizer in most areas. Glass should be disposed of in a manner consistent with the laws and regulations of your city, state or region. There are a number of ways recycled glass can be safely reused in industry.

Paper is often the easiest form of waste to recycle in an eco friendly home as quite a number of municipalities and communities collect and dispose of paper and paper products according to local regulations. Old or unwanted newspapers, magazines, wrappings and containers should be bundled together and disposed of properly. Metal is also easily recycled. In many cities and towns there may even be programs to collect and recycle metal discards which can actually provide a small income to recyclers. Metals can be re-smelted and integrated into new products by industry, easily and in a highly cost-effective manner.

Plastic is by far the difficult waste product item to properly dispose of. Since it often takes years, decades or even centuries to decompose in landfills or in the environment, it can be a detrimental source of pollution for many life times. Wildlife of many types are also endangered by plastics which are improperly disposed of. Proper disposal of plastic waste can go a long way in helping you to have a more eco friendly home.

Solar Energy is ECO Friendly Too

Use of solar energy as a resource for a more eco friendly home is also becoming increasingly available. It is clean, efficient and freely available. Solar energy can be applied to heat our homes or to heat water for washing, bathing and showers. Many of the best ways to protect and conserve our natural resources depend on you to do your part.

By Larry M. Lynch

Successfully Making Eco-Friendly Home With Biodegradable Products

World today is running fast and in the fast paced world everything is changing pretty quickly. A few decades ago no one bothered about any eco-friendly home but over the last couple of decades ecological balance has become the concern of every sane man. Everyone is now looking forward to making eco-friendly home and it is possible to create such a home with biodegradable products.

Use of Biodegradable Products

Home owners can easily make their homes more eco-friendly using biodegradable dinnerware and utensils. In fact many home usable materials can be made with biodegradable products. It is not necessary that they are used all the times. However taking care of a few factors can really make the home more eco-friendly.

Making the Home Greener

Any home can be made greener if the home owner takes care of the following few items.

• He or she need not try very hard but do it in a natural manner.

• Using eco-friendly utensils for foods eaten in between the lunch and supper.

• Such items may also be used while consuming beverages and ice cream.

• Give biodegradable dinnerware at home and in parks or other public places for children.

• Eco friendly bowls and plates can be used for the pets also for giving them food and water.

Items Helping to Make Home Greener

Some of the items that can make the home greener are –

• Biodegradable dinnerware and utensils.

• Using such materials in parties and social gatherings conducted in the house.

• Having disposable dishes and cookware handy in the evening could be good.

• For transporting food to other’s house and to friends, such disposable containers, especially those made of paper are great items.

• Much better are materials made of recyclable components such as bamboo, grass, and such other items that are readily biodegradable and also eco-friendly.

• Such disposable materials make great items for tours and travels and in car.

Many other things can also be used such as reusable bags, green bags, organic bags, natural products like natural body care, natural bath salts, and organic body cleanser etc. Each of these items is environment friendly and they help to develop a healthy environment in and around the home of the user.

By Dharmendar Kumar